Countries all over the world organized their economic development around periodic development plans aimed at rapid industrialization as a means of improving the peoples’ standard of living. This has led to diverse human activities which have brought humanity into continuous conflict with the environment which manifests in form of environmental changes caused by ecosystem degradation, environmental media pollution and wasteful exploitation of natural resources, forest damages, inefficient energy consumption pattern and the improper management of hazardous waste. In response to this, the call for environmental protection, management and conservation has become a more central topic of discussion worldwide. Such a call is necessary because of the consequences man faces as a result of his interaction with the environment and it’s also germane for sustainable development. This realization gave birth to Sustainable Agrotech Nigeria Limited.

Sustainable Laboratory Services


We are fully equipped to offer a wide range of quality Laboratory services. Noteworthy is the fact that our Laboratory has earned accreditions from the Department of Petroleum Resources(DPR), Ondo State Ministry of Environment (ODSME), Federal Ministry of Environment(FMEnev), National Environmental Standard and Regulation Enforcement Agency (NESREA) and National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA). We offer Analytical and Environmental Laboratory Services on:

-Food, Drug and Water Analysis

-Discharge Effluent Monitoring

-Product Certification

-Petroleum Products Quality Monitoring

-Environmental Quality Monitoring

-Eco-toxidity studies

-Solid Phase bio-degradability studies

-Training and Equipment leasing

AAS Flame uv GC

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